Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rising Water

The Skug watershed river, streams and wetlands
were rising due to melting snow over the weekend.

These were taken from a small wooden crossing.
Looking north .. the Skug river below the waterfalls.
River flowing downstream to the south.
Sun setting to the west over the hillside.
Further upstream on a deep snowbank.
Cascading water frozen at a high shutter speed.
Icicles formed on a fallen tree across the river.
A tree branch encapsulated in ice.
Ice on the forest floor on the hike back.
My hand and pine branch walking stick.
Glacial Erratic .. trees and shadows.

Shadows encompass a frozen wetland as the sun sets.
The sun setting between the branches of a pine tree.

"and that's the end of the show .. good night!" : )

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