Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plum Island

I went to the beach on Plum Island this afternoon which will be closed on April 1st for the Piping Plover egg hatching season.

 The boardwalk through the dune to the beach.
 A peak of the Atlantic and the top of the sand dune.
Erosion of the dune due to wind and winter waves.
Shadows on the dune.
Weathered remains of a crab.
A piece of shell on the sand.
 Driftwood above and below.
Seaweed casting shadows on the beach.
Might be the remains of a Sea Urchin on the beach.

 The two sides of a well worn clam shell.

 A seagull making its' way around on the one leg.
Seagulls gathered on the beach.

The incoming tidal waves .. most on the small scale.

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