Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plum Island

This afternoon we drove to Plum Island with the dogs.
When we got to the ocean it was frigid.
Cold temperature and a fierce wind.

Plum Island Lighthouse

 Big Pine Cones

The beach on Plum Island

I took these while holding the little dog's leash
and he was running all around the beach :)

Snow Trek

I went trekking through the deep snow.

Baker's Meadow Pond Reservation

First had to climb over large snowbank.
Trail down towards the pond.
Following the trail to the eastern end.
Trail steeper as I near the eastern end.
View north across the pond.

Stream at the eastern end of the pond.

The surface of the water flowing downstream.
The small waterfall at the eastern end of the pond
On the other side of the waterfall looking back.
On the northern side looking south.
On the northern side looking southwest.

Shadows across the snow.

The next stop was at at waterfall near
Fosters Pond on Rattlesnake Road.

The final trek was along the Shawsheen river.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Snowy Day

Another snowstorm passed through
although only four inches or so
of light, dry, fluffy snow.

It was nice to capture the snow
blowing off the trees through
the sunlight.

Harold Parker State Forest roads.

Road to Frye Pond.