Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Hampshire Shore

First up, Hampton Beach State Park.

I was surprised to see horses on the beach.
They were racing on the beach, this is one at the finish.

Wind blowing the sand across the beach.
Lines in the sand left by receding waters.
Sunlit pool during low tide.
Rocks and pool during low tide.
Rock, sand, water, shadow.

Now across the harbor to the Seabrook Beach side.

The waters separating Hampton and Seabrook.
Water exiting a tidal pool on the other side of the rocks.
Sparkling waters receding on the other side.

Marbled granite forming a wall.

 A path through other rocks.
Interesting crevices and shades in a rock.

 Tidal pool at The Rocks.
 A small wave breaking over some rocks.

 Translucent Angel Wings .. a mussel shell.
A wide view of Seabrook beach.

Back on the now shallow tidal pool side .. plovers !

Seagull standing its' ground.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plum Island

I went to the beach on Plum Island this afternoon which will be closed on April 1st for the Piping Plover egg hatching season.

 The boardwalk through the dune to the beach.
 A peak of the Atlantic and the top of the sand dune.
Erosion of the dune due to wind and winter waves.
Shadows on the dune.
Weathered remains of a crab.
A piece of shell on the sand.
 Driftwood above and below.
Seaweed casting shadows on the beach.
Might be the remains of a Sea Urchin on the beach.

 The two sides of a well worn clam shell.

 A seagull making its' way around on the one leg.
Seagulls gathered on the beach.

The incoming tidal waves .. most on the small scale.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring

It was a rather cold first day of Spring here.

I went for a walk in Ballardvale village.

Found a pair of geese on Burns pond.

Here it looked like the first day of spring.

Bakers Meadow pond was frozen for the most part
except near the parts of the shore near the waterfall.

Shadows on the beaver pond bottom.