Monday, July 6, 2009

Underneath the Cloud Gate

The interesting view under The Cloud Gate sculpture.

The Cloud Gate in Chicago

The Cloud Gate sculpture and the Chicago skyline

The Crown Fountain

This is one of two towers that shower water from the top.
Between the two towers is a shallow pool of water.
Kids were playing in the water, and getting doused by tower.
The face on the towers change.
Every so often, water spouts out of the mouth.
Nice when it catches the waders by surprise.
I resisted the urge to get wet : )

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009


Awoken from nap,

two hours, warm couch, rest and dreams:

wonder, where I'd been.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens are located just west of Chadds Ford in the historic Brandywine valley of Pennsylvannia.

Red Rocks

This photo I took in Red Rock park while in Colorado a few years back. The park also contains a well known outdoor amphitheater of the same name. The amazing red rock formations in the Rocky Mountain foothills are sandstone. Here is the website which is worth a look.


I love this photo of a house in Leenane Co. Galway with the backdrop of Connemara mountains. The photo has the illusion that the house is built into the mountains.

Ballyness Dune

I took this photo of a large sand dune on the eastern side of Ballyness bay near Falcarragh in Donegal. At the top of the dune you have a great view of Tory Island to the north, and to the south, across the bay, stands the mighty Errigal mountain, the tallest peak in the Derryveagh mountains. From the beach or strand, to the east is Horn Head. Lovely area, will have to find, scan and add more of the photographs I took while visiting my cousin's home down the road.

Connecticut River

The photo here I love, took it in Pittsburg, NH where the Connecticut River, which is coming straight at us before bending to the right, joins a small stream. Upstream is the First Connecticut Lake, downstream is Lake Francis. Its a beautiful area about 20 miles south of the US Canadian border. Many folks come to the area to watch for moose near dusk at their watering holes off of Rte 3. The fishing is great as well, trout of all kinds, and land locked salmon in the Connecticut river and lakes.