Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Snow

Two snowstorms hit us during the first two days of February.

Over six feet of snow has fallen over the past three weeks.

After a lot of shoveling, I went out for a drive.
I did clear off my car before I hit the road ; )
Parking at the campground was plowed so I went in.
The nature center will all that snow on the roof.
A stand of pines lines the road into the campground.

Snowshoe path towards Frye Pond.
Looking down towards the pond.

I had to get through thigh high snow
for a glimpse of the small waterfall.
 Edge of the snow on Frye Pond.
 On the other side is a stream from the waterfall.

Interesting patterns and colors in the snow below.

I spotted this bird (a robin ?) as I was leaving.

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