Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crane's Beach

I visited Crane's Beach in Ipswich
and walked for 5 miles and 3 hours.

It was low tide, sand bars and tidal pools,
and a few folks riding their horses as well.

Tidal Pool

Near Ipswich Harbor

Plum island in the distance.

Sunlit patterns in the water.

Deep pool near the northern end of the beach.. which little fish were swimming around.

The Sand

Sculptured by the ebbing tide

Tidal pool's effect on the sandbar.

Circle of small stones.

 Guessing there is a clam in there somewhere.

What I found along the shore.

Monarch butterfly's wings all that remains.

An Angels Wing mussel in the sand.

I believe a Sea Urchin in the foaming tide.

Brown seaweed glitters in the sun.

Empty snail shell in the tidal pool.

I saw a shell move in the tidal pool, it was a Hermit Crab

Clam shells.



A Sand Dollar.

Birds of a feather flock together.

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