Saturday, June 5, 2010

Golfing at Far Corner

I golfed at the Far Corner yesterday, brought the camera, got some nice photos, putting them in chronological order.

View from tee box on the 1st hole.

Geese & goslings on the other side of the water.

This might be a woodchuck, not sure.

Bumblebee collecting nectar.

Nice water reflection and trees.

Water hazard to the right of a green.

More water below a tee box.
My ball landed up the middle :)

The is the view by the above water.

Beautiful skies overhead during the golf.

Great view from a green high up in the hills.

Reflection on a large water hazard.
Did not lose a ball in it .. did not go that far.

Spectator was not impressed ;)

Iris I believe.

Lovely purple flower.

Interesting orange and purple flower.

Little connifer reminded me of the Sorting Hat :)

Chattering chipmunk giving me advice on my game ;)


Jeff said...

Iris is correct.
Second one I believe is a Thistle
And the third is a Poppy

Séamus Keleher said...

Thanks, Jeff .. I thought the second one did look like the flower of Scotland, and the third a Poppy, interesting color combination.